Information to Consider

How to Take Title

Do you know how you should be taking title to your property?

Have you thought about how you want to take title?  How many legal ways are there to take title?  What type of deed should I have?  What is a land trust?  Can these things be of benefit to you?  You can affect the value of your property by or how you take title as well as tax issues.  Before you take title you need to have a review of what your future plans are - your age, are you in business, what’s you tax status.  Taking title the wrong way can cost you dollars in the future.

Title Opinions – Do I need one?

Do you understand unmarketable Title?

Do you understand what a title opinion does or doesn’t do for you?

Is there a difference in a title opinion done for the bank and one for you personally?

Questions you should ask yourself:

What are the most valuable assets in your community or geographic area that support your real estate value?

We can help you with the following:

Determining the value of pink elephants. 

Can you evaluate a scrape?  Can you recognize a scrape? 

Do you need help in evaluating access issues? 

Do you understand marketability issues? 

Do you understand Minnesota access law?

Do I need a lawyer when I purchase Real Estate?

What will a closing company do for me?

Do I need an abstract?

What do lakes and mountains and zip codes have to do with Real Estate value?

Other Services We Can Help With

Federal Condemnation Proceedings

1031 Exchange

Real Estate Law

International Exchanges

Canadian land purchases and transactions

Canadian severance procedures

Understanding the home inspection process

Understanding Ontario Sub-Division procedures

Understanding Real Estate disclosure rules

We have personal experience dealing with everything listed on this website.

The reason we feel we can help you with any of these needs is that we have had experience in dealing with all these issues. 


Do you think the banks are the only source of Real Estate Funding?

Do you know the other sources for Real Estate Funding?
-How to find a mortgage broker?

-How to get the best mortgage rate and why sometimes the best rate is the least important part of the mortgage package?

-How mortgage brokers earn their commission?

Real Estate Brokers

Do I need a Real Estate broker to sell my property?

What can a Real Estate broker do for me?

Do you understand wholesale and retail Real Estate?

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