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Over $6,000,000 in private Real Estate holdings for sale on this website.  If you don’t see the property you’re looking for, we may be able to help.                   

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If you’re buying or selling Real Estate, we can try to help you achieve your goals.  When buying, we can help you identify those sometimes hidden reasons that will help you make the final decision whether to buy or not to buy property.  We can also assist you if you are selling, by helping you with the proper evaluation prior to marketing.  Everything on this website we make reference to, we personally have experience dealing with.

“Food For Thought”

Buy it now! The next generation won’t have the opportunity.

Finally - Make an Investment for Yourself and your Family! When was the last time you really had fun and enjoyment with your equities?

Make an investment you can enjoy and use while it appreciates in value.  Too many people get stuck making traditional single value investments.  Make an investment where you can get multiple returns.

Have you been thinking about what you might do for your children or grandchildren so they’ll always remember dear old mom and dad?  There is nothing that leaves a lasting memory more than land.  Your children and grandchildren will thank you for your wisdom to buy something while it was still affordable.  How many times have you heard, “I could have bought that for $$$...back when.”  Setting up a land trust that will stay in the family forever is a wise choice of where to put your today’s cash.  Real Estate is where 90% of the wealthy keep 70% of their wealth.  If you leave them the cash, what will be left to remember dear old grandma and grandpa?  But, if you leave them the recreational land or cabin in a trust, your families next generations will be thinking of and or thanking you for your wisdom.  Besides all that, you’ll have a chance to enjoy it with them.  Don’t miss the opportunity.  The next generation will be thanking you.

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